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I am a white, mostly-abled, mostly-cis, heterosexual woman in the South. I post mainly about books, food, cats, stars, puns, and (in)justice.

If a post is ever tagged with "only an ally", it is a post that I wish to be shared with more people but concerns a community of which I am not a part. I do not intend to distance myself from that community, but rather to say that I am not a representative of the community and that the community should not be judged by any of my actions.

If you are part of any community of which I am not a part, and I do or say something that is offensive to you and/or that community, I promise that I would want to know.

Anon asks are always active.

Winter is coming.

I’ve come up with a new version of “Hit it and quit it”:

"Boff and you’re off!"

You’re all welcome.


I just watched this today and I DIDN’T KNOW THAT THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID

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The Rugrats don’t have time for your gender-essentialist bullshit.


Their sleeves were different, too!

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i hope one day there is a halloween party where daniel radcliffe goes as frodo baggins and elijah wood goes as harry potter 

imagine the havoc

imagine the photos

Only if Ian Mckellen goes as Dumbledore and Michael Gambon goes as Gandalf.


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This angers me to the point where I want to punch someone in the face

this is 100% the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even make sense???

"a real woman" aka the carbon copy of the way women are socialized to be/falling into every gender role and stereotype/submissive and silent

im 100000000% sure this was created by a man

The entire Tumblr page this came from looks like it was made by a man. It is some kind of shit.

Would a woman really post porn of just female nudes, barely showing the guy if there is one at all, if in “her” bio it mentions that she wants a husband and to be a “submissive wife” (therefore claiming heterosexuality)? It’s a lot more likely that she would want pictures of the man being dominant in addition to the woman being submissive (actually, more pictures of the man, right?)

I mean, yeah, it’s possible. But I’m betting it’s not possible enough to be reality. Totes by a dude.

Watching Don Jon for, apparently, more reasons to hate real-life men.

Ever since my neighbor came over and creeped me the fuck out (almost two months ago???), I have been on high alert staying home alone. Taking a shower makes me panic because while I’m in there he could have gotten in and I wouldn’t have known it because of the sound of the water.

I’m home alone right now, and one of the many closet doors in this apartment must have popped open on its own, but just in case it wasn’t an inanimate mystery, I’ve been doing the spy walk around the apartment (keeping my back to the wall, frequently looking ahead and behind and checking out every corner for potential baddies) and carrying my cell phone (often with the numbers 9-1-1 already typed out) and something that could be used as a weapon (a fork or a glass I can shatter) at all times. 

I hate this. Why do dudes have to be scary and creepy? Why do they have to take over otherwise safe spaces? This is my home…


"Women seem wicked when you’re not wanted" is my favorite Doors line because Jim Morrison explained the "friendzone" in one line way back in 1967.

(For those looking up the lyrics, it’s technically “Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”.)

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Reblog if you actually owned a walkman at some point in time

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First generation, baby.

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Can’t not be truthful. Used it every day on the bus to and from middle school.

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